Family Night Open House

“I’ve always wanted to try ballroom dancing but …” is their response every time when you talk about your hobby with your friends.

No buts, come over to Crystal Ballroom for our upcoming social event/open house on June 24th 7:30 -11:00 pm. We offer you the great chance to share your experience and happiness with all your families and friends!

  • If you are a parent, sign up for our parent-child competition, we offer 2 free workshop lessons prior to the competition.*
  • If you want to show your family and friends your world of ballroom dancing, bring them all over! Admission is FREE and even better, we are offering a mini Waltz lesson for your newbie friends!

Other perks we offer that evening:

  • Performances by children from Crystal Ballroom
  • Fun parent-child competition to watch
  • A great chance for family activities
  • FREE admission!

At Crystal Ballroom we always have community in our minds, and we warmly welcome your friends and family to join our thriving and vibrant ballroom community.

*For further details and registration please inquiry in store. Registration fees may apply.