Country Two-Step Workshop

We are introducing a special three week Country Two Step! Hosted by instructors David Tolksdorff & Claudia Houwers, these classes will have you dancing in no time to this lively, upbeat social dance.

Dave and Claudia have been dancing together for 6 years. Currently they are competing in the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) circuit.  Dave and Claudia have been teaching dance together for the past 6 years and have received great reviews. They offer students a fun learning atmosphere, clear instructions and video recap at the end of every lesson.

If you haven’t heard of the dance, two step is a smooth, progressive partner dance with weaved patterns and rhythm accents that separate the quicks and slows, emphasizing the slows.  It’s danced typically to country music between 170 beats per minute to 200 beats per minute. But it can also be danced to Quickstep music if country music is not available.

Hope to see y’all there!