Starting on September 16th, we will be launching a new Bronze Latin Class taught in Mandarin by Peter Chen. Peter Chen is the BC S1 Champion and Canadian S1 ten dance silver medallist.

The upcoming classes will be taught in Mandarin and will focus on 4 Latin dances: Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Jive. This class is dedicated to and focused on Beginner and Bronze figures with in-depth technique.

This class is suitable for complete beginners as well as social dancers looking for an entry point to higher level technique classes. Peter will also focus on exercises meant to strengthen postures, coordination, and help with genuine lead and follow without relying on memorization of patterns.

The price will be $32 per 2-hour class or $119 for a package of 4 classes.

Class Time: Sundays, 3:00 – 5:00 PM

從9月16日起,我們將由卑詩省S1拉丁冠軍,加拿大S1十項全能亞軍Peter Chen來為大家以普通話教授拉丁舞。新課程將著重於四支最常用的拉丁舞(桑巴,恰恰,倫巴,捷舞)的初學到銅牌的舞步。
學費: 2小時課程 單堂$32,4堂套票$119
時間: 每週日下午 3:00-5:00