What Do We Offer?

Crystal Ballroom offers a full slate of recreational classes, social dances, practice times, competitive training programs, private lessons, wedding dance packages and more!  Scroll down to find out more about each of our services.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Group Classes

Group classes are offered every day of the week at the studio.

Each group class is taught by a different instructor.

We have group classes for all levels of dancers:
Intermediate: Bronze I, Bronze II, and Silver
Advanced: Gold, Gold Star, and Technique


Private Lessons


All of our instructors are available for private lessons.

Private lessons might be more suitable if you want a little more privacy or need more attention.

Private lessons are a must if you’re planning to enter competitive dancing. Work on choreography, technique, form, the choice is yours.




Practicing is definitely recommended to improve your dancing. Practicing a couple of times a week improves your muscle memory and helps you become a better dancer.

We offer two types of practices, Open Practice and Competitor’s Practice.

Open Practice is without music and you can work on whatever you like. In Competitor’s Practice, you must dance to the flow of the music!


Social Dance


Social dancing is great for a night out or a little bit of exercise to stay healthy.

We offer a lot of opportunities for social dance with Tea Dance in the afternoon four times a week and Evening Dance every night, so grab your dancing shoes!

Everyone’s required to follow the flow of the music during social dances to maintain a good experience for all dancers. But if you want to practice, you can definitely use the side floors during a social dance.


Youth Program

Dance is great for kids. It keeps them active and healthy, improves their posture, musicality, and also ability to work with others.

We offer a semester based youth program for kids who want to start dancing.


Wedding Dance Lessons


Your big day is special. We totally understand.

Our professional instructors are happy to help you choreograph your wedding dance to your liking. We’ll take into account your dancing ability and any personal style that you might have!


Studio Rental


We have three dance floors at the studio that is available for rental.

Rental is dependent on availability!

Please email us to inquire!