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Youth Dance Progam

Our youth dance classes continue in Fall 2018 with Kessa Wills.

This is an active, challenging, class which teaches children discipline, self-confidence, and social skills.  The class will focus on physical fitness and coordination through dance technique. Children will develop a better sense of balance and posture while gaining a better understanding of music and rhythm.

Classes begin with a warm-up consisting of aerobic exercises plus a stretching and strengthening routine. This will be followed by Ballroom Technique Drills and a short performance routine.

Dances taught include:
Waltz and Tango
The class is suitable for Youth age 13-18 years old. No experience required.

Summer Dance Camp

  • Class Time 1: Thursday Evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Oct 4 to Dec 6 (10 weeks – 10 classes)
  • Ages 12 – 18
  • Medal Test Exam Included – Exam Date: December 11