Frequently asked questions

Do I need a dance partner?

While a partner would definitely be beneficial, it is definitely not required. We rotate partners in group classes for those who are comfortable with the idea so everyone gets a chance to dance with a partner.

Our instructors will also give you some one-on-one attention if you have no partner. We always try our best to ensure that everyone has a good experience.

What should I wear to my first class?

We recommend comfortable clothing for ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is a great way to stay healthy and in shape so be prepared to move! Try to avoid constraining clothing like jeans, suits, and tight dresses. There are no strict rules as long as you are comfortable.

Which Class should I take first?

That depends on your dance experience. We recommend students interested in ballroom dance join the Beginner classes if they’ve never tried ballroom dancing or if they have little to no dance experience.

If you have some ballroom dance experience, then it might be a good idea to start in Bronze I or Bronze II level classes.


How do I know which dance is being taught in my class?

Please refer to the monthly calendar or our schedule page to see which dance is being taught in each of the classes.

Can I register anytime?

Yes, we offer drop-ins for all our group lessons. Some classes may have more than 2 classes, therefore we recommend you to join either the first or second class. Please come in 10 – 15 minutes prior to your class to fill out a registration form.

Do classes expire?

Classes are valid for one year from the date of purchase. If you would like to extend your expired classes, some restrictions may apply. Please contact our studio for more details.

I want to compete in dancesport

If you are interested in competing in DanceSport, we recommend you to book private lessons with one of our instructors.

Which Instructor should I choose?

At Crystal Ballroom, we’re fully committed to the quality of instruction. All of our instructors are friendly, accomplished dancers, and professionally trained to provide the best dancing and learning experience for all students.

Each instructor has his or her own personality and teaching style, and we recommend you browse the instructors’ page to learn more before you make your choice.

Where and when can I practice?

Dancers can practice or warm-up 15 minutes before and 30 minutes after group classes on secondary floors. Please see our schedule for open practice studio space availability.

Can I transfer my remaining classes to my friend or family?

Unfortunately, we do not allow class transfers between different people.

when is your next event?

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What is your refund policy

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds. When you buy a package of classes, you’re committing to the eight classes that you purchase. We recommend that you pay the drop-in fee to try the class if you’re unsure if you’re able to commit. We feel that we are already very lenient with our group class policies and that we give our customers ample time and freedom to find out what they want before they commit.


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